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Q. Can I rent the Village Hall?  

A. Yes. There is a fee and a deposit required along with a rental agreement. Please go to the Forms & Permits and fill out the Village Hall Usage Agreement. Return to the Village Clerk or President.

Q. Can I borrow or rent Village owned tables or chairs?

A. No. These items are to be used only in the Village Hall for official meetings or during rental of the Village Hall.

Q. Does my dog need to be licenced?

A. Yes. Any dog in the Village over 5 months needs to be licensed. Proof of rabies vaccine will be required. Payments can be made to the Village Treasurer. $3.00 for spayed/neutered or $8.00 for un-spayed/un-neutered.

Q. How can I get a new or added garbage or recycle cart?

A. Please contact the Village Clerk for information and requests for carts.

Q. There is a stray dog or cat. What should I do?

A. Please contact the Village Constable or Eastshore Humane Association http://www.eastshoreha.org/