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Board Meeting
Aug 09, 2017


Minutes of the Village of Potter Board Meeting

August 9, 2017



The Village of Potter monthly board meeting was called to order by President Gary Lemke at 7:00 p.m.  Others in attendance were:   Rob Schoen, Kristen Polifka, Dennis Gruett, various village residents.


Notation was made that proper posting had been carried out at the Potter Post Office, Potter Village Hall, and Gruett’s.


Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved by Rob Schoen, seconded Kristen Polifka. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s report was given by Dennis Gruett as follows:

July expense: $23,820.97

July income:  $10,990.46

Balance as of 8/01/17:  $73,554.56 checking


The Potter Utility report was given by Dennis Gruett as follows:

July expense:  $2,476.36

July income:   $4,421.06

Balance as of 8/01/17:  $31,571.19 checking*

*$1,500 is for equipment replacement fund


Sanitary District report:

Discussion was held on the chloride reduction plan. No formal action was taken.


New business:


 Building permits were issued to Janet Sample for an unattached garage and the Potter Fire Department for an addition to the concession stand.


Citizen concerns were expressed about the proposed sexual offender ordinance, ATV ordinance, membership to the Calumet County Civic Association, as well as high weeds on the street along the bridge.


Discussion was held on ordinance 2017-1. The village attorney will be contacted to see if the proposed ordinance is still legal.


Discussion was held on property concerns at 228 Central and 194 Main. Gary Lemke reported that both residents are working on cleaning up their properties. Gary Lemke also reported that a verbal warning was given to the resident at 131 Central about cutting the grass and weeds on his property.


Discussion was held on the current ATV ordinance. Gary Lemke stated that Sheriff Mark Ott reported that it is illegal to ride ATV’s along County Highways. The matter will be addressed again at the September board meeting.


Burning by Gary Lemke on his property was addressed. Gary stated that he didn’t start the fire, and that it wouldn’t happen again.


Gary Lemke will contact the county about repairing the storm sewer on County PP/Main Street.


Rob Schoen reported that Eunice Schroeder will clean the village hall for $50.00 per month.


Rob Schoen reported that the Potter Fire Department will mount the flags and Christmas lights in the village at a cost of $500.00 per year No formal action was taken.


A motion was made by Gary Lemke, seconded by Kristen Polifka, to remain a member of the Calumet County Civic Association. Motion carried.


Mary Schwalenberg reported on a proposed .5% county sales tax


Gary Lemke reported that no one has expressed interest in the village clerk position. The opening will be advertised in the Lake to Lake shopper.


A motion was made by Rob Schoen, seconded by Gary Lemke, to grant a beer license to the Potoul Sportsman Club for their softball tourney. Motion carried.


Vouchers were presented.  A motion was made by Rob Schoen, seconded by Kristen Polifka, to pay all vouchers. Motion carried.


A motion was made by Rob Schoen, seconded by Kristen Polifka, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Dennis Gruett,

Clerk Treasurer




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