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Board Meeting
Jun 14, 2017


Minutes of the Village of Potter Board Meeting

June 21, 2017



The Village of Potter monthly board meeting was called to order by President Gary Lemke at 7:00 p.m.  Others in attendance were:   Rob Schoen, Kristen Polifka, Dennis Gruett, Pete Litersky, Mary Schwalenberg, Sherry Kees.


Notation was made that proper posting had been carried out at the Potter Post Office, Potter Village Hall, and Gruett’s.


Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved by Kristen Polifka, seconded Rob Schoen. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s report was given by Dennis Gruett as follows:

May expense: $5,671.08

May income:  $757.52

Balance as of 6/01/17:  $98,908.61 checking


The Potter Utility report was given by Dennis Gruett as follows:

May expense:  $2,478.71

May income:   $1,051.71

Balance as of 6/01/17:  $26,173.72 checking*

*$1,500 is for equipment replacement fund


Sanitary District report:

Discussion was held and a motion was made by Rob Schoen, seconded by Kristen Poilifka, to adopt Resolution 2017-1 as presented. Motion carried.


New business:


Building permits were issued to Krueger Electric for a warehouse addition and to Jeremy Slotke for a garage.


Action on ordinance 2017-1 was tabled and will be addressed at a later meeting.


Discussion was held on property concerns at 228 Central and 194 Main. Warning letters and corrective measures will be sent to the homeowners.


Gary Lemke reported that the sewer cover at the bridge is repaired, Repairs are needed on sewer covers on Riverdale Drive and Central Street.


Discussion was held on the village hall downspouts. The downspouts will be replaced in the next few weeks.


Discussion was held on hiring someone to clean the village hall. Rob Schoen suggested paying someone $50.00 a month to clean the hall. No formal action was taken.


Discussion was held on spraying mosquitoes. Rob Schoen will work with the sprayers regarding the process.


Gary Lemke reported on attending the Government 101 meeting in Green Bay.


A motion was made by Rob Schoen, seconded by Kristen Poilfka, to grant a beer and liquor license to Helen Loose. Motion carried.


Vouchers were presented.  A motion was made by Rob Schoen, seconded by Kristen Polifka, to pay all vouchers. Motion carried.


A motion was made by Kristen Polifka, seconded by Rob Schoen, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Dennis Gruett,

Clerk Treasurer






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