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Board Meeting
Jan 10, 2018

 Minutes of the Village of Potter Board Meeting

January 10, 2018


The Village of Potter monthly board meeting was called to order by President Gary Lemke at 7:00 p.m.  Others in attendance were:   Rob Schoen, Kristen Polifka, Dennis Gruett, Heather Gibler, Lawrence Hansen, Harold Jansen, Pete Litersky

  Rob Schoen left the meeting at 7:35pm

Notation was made that proper posting had been carried out at the Potter Post Office, Potter Village Hall, and Gruett’s and Village Website


Pledge of Allegiance was recited


Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved by Rob Schoen, seconded Gary Lemke. Motion carried


No Public Participation


Treasurer’s report was given by Dennis Gruett

December expense: $10,553.03

December income:  $100,589.84

Balance as of 1/01/18:  $192.125.07 checking


The Potter Utility report was given by Dennis Gruett

December expense:  $3,946.74

December income:   $5,905.03

Balance as of 1/01/18:  $33,926.90 checking*

*$2,000 is for equipment replacement fund


Sanitary District report:

Testing needs to be instated and a sampler unit will cost $6700.00, $18,275 is needed to fix sanitary lines, $4,000 for annual repairs will be initiated.


Clerk’s Report given by Heather Gibler

Reviewed emails and other contacts over the month. Poll worker training will take place in February with Town of Rantoul. No nomination paperwork was turned in for the Village Trustee position. Motion by Kristen Polifka, Second by Gary Lemke for Heather to become member of Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association, Motion Carried


Presidents Report given by Gary Lemke

League of Municipality is hosting a conference on January 31 in Oconto. Gary will attend. February meeting will

include discussion on Mosquito control.


There was no correspondence


No building permits were issued in the month


Lawrence Hanson from HUB International gave an overview presentation of the insurance for the Village. General discussion and question and answer session followed.


Chief inspectors and election workers were appointed. Motion by Kristen Polifka, Second by Gary Lemke, Motion carried.


Current Clerk Treasurer ordinance was rescinded. Motion by Gary Lemke, Second by Kristin Polifka, Motion carried.

New Ordinance will take its place allowing the Village to have the Clerk and treasurer positions filled by a combined or separate entity. The positions are to be appointed and the terms can begin at any time to be served for two year terms. Motion by Gary Lemke, Second by Kristen Polifka, Motion Carried.


Discussion continued on the Village Hall usage agreements, responsibilities and requirements. A review and update of the Usage agreement will take place at the February board meeting.


Overview of permit and needs for continued ongoing improvement, phosphorus compliance alternatives plan will take place at the March board meeting.


Discussion and update on the hook up plan for the Dan Woelfel property.

Sewer hook up fees will be addressed at the June board meeting.


Gary will Contact Charter about cable franchise fees.


Motion was made to purchase and install a sampler at the sewage plant. Motion by Gary Lemke, Second by Kristen Polifka, Motion carried


Vouchers 4455-4478 were approved. Motion by Kristen Polifka, Second by Gary Lemke, Motion carried.


Motion to adjourn by Kristen Polifka, Second by Gary Lemke, Motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 8:44pm.

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